New Field Hub 2.0

Sioux Falls, SD (July 14, 2015) — Raven Industries (NASDAQ: RAVN) enhanced its line of high speed modems with the release of the new Slingshot Field Hub 2.0. This new addition boasts data speeds of up to 4G in areas where coverage is available, making the modem ten times faster than other versions. Higher speeds mean faster data transfer, more reliable remote support sessions, and better connectivity with external devices. Equipped with a WiFi option, this allows other devices in the cab to enjoy the high speed connectivity provided by the modem, without the need for an additional cellular plan.
The Field Hub 2.0 is highly compatible. It is currently supported on the Verizon network, and support from other North American carriers, including AT&T and Bell, is coming soon. The modem also works to enhance performance in Raven’s newer field computers, including the Viper 4.
The Field Hub 2.0 comes in a modern, more compact package, making it easier to fit in the cab while still carrying forward the industrial strength and reliability that Slingshot users have grown accustomed to. The low loss primary and diversity antenna package ensures connectivity in even the most remote and challenging environments. As with all Field Hubs, it is GPS-enabled so that users can always locate and manage their unit through the Slingshot web portal.
“Data connectivity is incredibly important in modern agriculture, and professional operators today depend on it,” said Josh Skanderup, Product Manager for Slingshot. “The Field Hub 2.0 provides the speed and reliability Raven needs to continue building innovative, connected solutions.”
Raven will continue to offer its current Field Hub solution, which supports speeds up to 3G and remains a trusted and reliable solution.
The Slingshot Field Hub 2.0 will enhance Raven’s product and service offering, including improvements in Over-the-Air update capability, remote support, and data transfer between field-deployed hardware and the office. The Slingshot Field Hub 2.0 is available today. Contact your Raven dealer for details, or visit to learn more.
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